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Content Authoring Guidelines


This set of pages contains guidelines for kata authors and translators to help them create kata, translations, and kumite which adhere to the community's quality standards.

The guidelines should be used by kata authors and translators to verify whether new content about to be introduced to Codewars is of sufficient quality. Conformity to these guidelines is a prerequisite for publishing a kata, translation, or kumite.

Some of these guidelines do not apply to every type of content. There are code-golf kata, puzzle kata, hack-mes, debugging kata, and many other problems which are designed on the grounds of ignoring some of the guidelines. They should be used where applicable, and can be skipped when they are not. But this should not be treated as an excuse for taking shortcuts or skipping the necessary work: the fact that some of the guidelines are not relevant should be clearly visible from the task.

Important note

Failure to comply with the guidelines should be considered an issue to be addressed and reported. In case of severe violations, the affected kata or translation may be retired, moved back to beta, or rejected.

Authors who repeatedly violate or ignore rules and introduce poor-quality content to the system can have their authoring privileges revoked and offending content withdrawn.

General Guidelines

  • Conform to quality guidelines when creating new content. Do not take shortcuts, don't be lazy. Know what are quality requirements for kata, translations, descriptions, and code. Do not push your responsibility to reviewers.
  • Keep responsibility for all content you created. You should actively maintain all content you introduced into Codewars: fix issues, consider suggestions, answer questions. Be aware that other users are allowed to improve your content.
  • Remember that you can always ask others for help. Whenever you need someone to proofread your description, answer any questions about how Codewars works, or just give any advice on the content you're working on.