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Following Other Users

You can follow any user, be it a friend, a colleague, your students, or just anyone you'd like to track their Codewars career. Following someone opens for you a couple of new possibilities.

To follow a user, you need to visit their profile page, and click the Follow button:

Follow Button Follow Button

If you have already followed the user, the Follow button is replaced by Unfollow one. You can use it to stop following someone.

Followers boards

On your profile page, you can find the Social tab, which contains a couple of leaderboards. One of them, titled "Following", contains a list and honor ranking of all users followed by you. Another one, titled "Followers", provides a similar list of your followers.

Followers Boards Followers Boards

Filtering solutions

When viewing the solutions of a kata, you can choose to see only those from users you are following. This is a great way to easily find solutions from warriors you respect or know personally.

Solution Solution


When two users follow each other, they become allies. All your allies are collected in dedicated leaderboards, displayed on your dashboard, or on Social tab of your profile. When viewing these boards, you will see all of your allies and be able to keep track of their honor and overall rank progression.

Allies board on user dashboard Allies board on user dashboard

You automatically become allies with members of the same clan, and with users who join Codewars using your referral code.


The clan field makes users with the same clan to follow each other automatically to become allies. There's no difference from allies explained above.

This is a quick way to quickly build up your allies list so that your colleagues and friends can easily keep track of each other's progression and view their solutions.

Joining a clan is as simple as setting the clan name in your profile.
If you want to switch clans, you simply need to change the name.
If you want to leave a clan, set its name empty.

Joining a Clan Joining a Clan

If you change or leave your clan, you are still allies with all its members. If you wish to not be associated with them anymore, you will have to manually unfollow everyone from the previous clan.

How to create a clan?

A new clan is created once a first member joins it. If you want to create a new clan, just enter a unique clan name in your profile, and it's done.