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Keeping Codewars Safe

In March 2024, we updated our suspension tooling to provide more transparency to users experiencing account suspensions. This update removes our previous process.

What does this new tool allow Codewars to do?

  • Suspend a user for a variable time for breaches of our terms, privacy policy, or code of conduct.
  • Ban a user from our platform for violating our terms, privacy policy, or code of conduct.

Who can perform these actions:

Suspensions (temporary) can be activated on any Codewars account by a member of a trusted party (Codewars volunteer moderation team), Codewars support team, experience and community team, or engineering team.


Users who breach our terms or code of conduct will receive an email from Codewars stating the reason for their suspension and the length of the suspension they have received. Users can also view a summary of this information from the top of their profile page (when logged in).

Who can view this information? Administrators (staff), auditors, and moderators can view a summary of a user's suspension cause. Administrators and auditors can view the detailed cause behind a suspension.

What behaviors result in suspension?

Suspensions are enforced to keep Codewars users safe and ensure the integrity of our kata and rewards system. They include but are not limited to cheating, plagiarism, excessive use of AI-generated solutions, hateful speech, violence or threats of violence, and retaliation against staff or moderators.

We may change our categories occasionally and will aim to inform you of these changes promptly. We encourage you to regularly re-read our terms and conditions, privacy policy, and code of conduct.

In some cases, Codewars will consider off-platform behavior in our decisions. Off-platform reviews include but are not limited to, actions and discussions in the Codewars Discord server, GitHub, and other social media accounts.


Users may be banned from Codewars services (platform and Discord) for, among other things, repeated suspensions, retaliation, failure to comply with an ongoing investigation(s), violence, extreme hate, etc.

Moderators cannot ban (permanently suspend) users at this time. However, they can escalate issues to any admin for review.

Banned users are unable to access Codewars' services. Bans can only be lifted upon appeal.

Appeal process:

Users wishing to appeal any moderation decision made by Codewars or a trusted party, please email within five working days of the action.