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TBD: this page was imported from old CW wiki and needs to be reviewied/redacted.

What are collections?#

Collections are a way for the community to curate groups of kata that can be trained on in a sequence. All collections are public.

How does this relate to bookmarks?#

Bookmarking (starring) a kata is similar to collecting a kata, except that your bookmarks are kept private. They are also easily accessible via the top right bookmarks dropdown. If you intend to keep a list of kata you wish to work on later then bookmarks will serve you better.

Can I add to someone else's collection?#

Only the warrior who created the collection can add to it. You are free to create your own collection with the same name. Kata are also searchable within the kata library by any collection name it is associated with. In this way you can easily find kata that span across multiple collections of the same name.