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Kata Discourse

TBD: this page was imported from old CW wiki and needs to be reviewied/redacted.

Each kata has its own discourse page where you can discuss. This is also a place for you to log any issues, suggestions or questions.

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Comment Labels

There are 3 different labels that you can set on your comment. If you are just having normal conversation, you don't have to set a label - but please do if any of the following are relevant.


If you find an issue with the kata, such as broken test cases, buggy output or incorrect descriptions, please apply the Issue label to the comment. This will notify the author of any issues, as well as making it more obvious that there are problems with the content.

If the kata is in the beta process, then logging issues is OK for things like needing random test cases, or changes that are otherwise not critical to completing the kata but would make it better. However if the kata has been approved then please only log issues that are preventing users from completing the kata.

Keep an eye out for duplicates. Please don't file the same issue as someone else. If you want to try to bump the issue, reply to the existing one instead - though commenting for the purpose of bring attention to the issue isn't necessary if it was recently created.


A suggestion is something that could be improved but isn't required to be. During the beta process suggestions are less common, though still relevant. Please see note above about the post-beta process. Use suggestions when the kata could be improved but there isn't a critical issue preventing warriors from completing it.


If you are struggling to complete the kata, you can go discuss it. Label your comment as a question so that others can more easily spot it as such.

Spoiler Comments

When you create a comment, there is an option for marking it as a spoiler. You should mark any comment as a spoiler if it contains code within it that might give the solution away to other users.

If you don't remember to do it, other users can mark the comment as a spoiler later - but please try to remember to mark this yourself when appropriate.

Resolving Comments

Comments with labels can be resolved to indicate they are no longer relevant/active. The author of the original comment can do this, as well as the kata author, warriors with the "Resolve Comment" permission, and site admins.

Resolving comments are important, especially during the beta process, because a kata cannot be approved unless all issues are resolved.