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Satsfaction Rating

TBD: this page was imported from old CW wiki and needs to be reviewied/redacted.

The satisfaction rating is the score shown here:

Satisfaction Rating

It indicates the number of satisfied users. This score is derived from the votes shown after you complete a kata. You can either vote very, somewhat or not satisfied, as shown here:


How should I interpret these votes?#

  • If you got a lot of value out of the kata and found it to be well constructed, you should vote "Very"
  • If you got some value out of the kata but the quality may not be top notch, you should vote "Somewhat"
  • If you got no value out of the kata, in regards to enjoyment, education experience, etc, then you should pick "None".

A special note about the "None" vote#

If you think the kata itself is valuable but you simply have some issues with it, then you should select "Somewhat" and create an issue instead. If you thought the kata is really great, other than the issues, then you can choose "Very". Please do not choose "None" simply because the kata has an issue but it is otherwise a good kata. The satisfaction rating is meant to indicate quality of kata as a concept, not its current state of condition in terms of open issues.