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Honor represents the level of respect a user has earned from the community, based on their skills and contributions. While ranks are an indication of your skills only, honor is mostly an indication of your activity and contributions.

Honor Rewards

You can earn honor when you accomplish certain things or goals or by some actions of other users related to your account:

  • Completing a kata rewards you with some amount of Honor depending on the rank of solved kata,
  • Reaching a higher rank grants you additional Honor in amount related to the rank reached,
  • Authoring related activities, like publishing a beta kata, creating a translation, or having your kata approved,
  • Community related activities, for example voting on kata satisfaction, rating a beta kata, upvotes and downvotes collected on your posts and solutions

You may find the exact amount of Honor points earned for all kinds of situations in the list of rewarded honor points.

Honor Breakdown

Your profile page displays a breakdown of your Honor points:

Honor Progress Honor Progress

  • Completed Kata is the amount of honor you gained by only solving tasks and voting them,
  • Authored Kata & Translations represent the amount of honor earned doing so,
  • Kumite gives the honor earned by publishing Kumite and by forking solutions,
  • Comments indicates the total balance of up and down votes on your comments,
  • Solution Up Vote is the sum of all the [Best Practices (TODO)] and [Clever (TODO)] votes you got on your solutions,
  • Referrals is the honor earned when you invite other people to join Codewars.
  • Achievements is the sum of the honor you earned when ranking up.

Leaderboards and Honor Percentile

You can determine the level of your achievements in comparison with overall Codewars community in two ways:

  • Leaderboards: Codewars manages different kinds of leaderboards which show users with the highest amounts of Honor considering different kinds of situations/actions.
  • Honor Percentile: Stat which shows your position relative to all other Codewars users. For example, a 20% percentile value means that 20% of all Codewars' users have more Honor points than you, and that you have more Honor points than 80% of all users. This value is calculated according to your overall Honor.

Rewarded Honor Points

Solving Kata

White (8kyu & 7kyu)
Yellow (6kyu & 5kyu)
Blue (4kyu & 3kyu)
Purple (2kyu & 1kyu)

* Additional honor based on the level is rewarded once the kata is approved.

Ranking Up

Reached RankHonor
7 kyu20
6 kyu30
5 kyu45
4 kyu70
3 kyu100
2 kyu150
1 kyu225
1 dan450
2 dan900
3 dan1,800
4 dan3,200
5 dan6,400
6 dan12,800

Authoring Kata

Events on Authored KataHonor
Published for beta process3
Approved as White (8kyu & 7kyu)3
Approved as Yellow (6kyu & 5kyu)15
Approved as Blue (4kyu & 3kyu)75
Approved as Purple (2kyu & 1 kyu)375
Received an up vote2
Received a down vote-2

Translating Kata

Translation Approved (White)4
Translation Approved (Yellow)16
Translation Approved (Blue)64
Translation Approved (Purple)256

Content Curation

Assessed Beta Kata Rank1after a beta kata completion
Assessed Kata Satisfaction1after a kata completion


Comment upvoted1
Comment downvoted-1

Solutions and Kumite

Published Kumite or Fork2fork a solution of yours or another user's, or create a new kumite
Kata Solution upvoted1your solution gets a 'best practices' or 'clever' upvote


Referral Signup (first 5)3
Referral Signup (6+)1
Added GitHub Account1