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Users earn new privileges as their Honor grows. These can be divided in a couple of groups:

  • Authoring activities: a user is able to create new kata or translations.
  • Beta process: a user can vote on ranking and satisfaction of beta kata. Votes of more privileged users have more power than the others.
  • Content curation: a user can approve kata and translations after reviewing them, or edit kata to fix issues.
  • Moderation: a user is able to mark comments as spoilers, unmark them, or mark issues as resolved.

Privileges are earned by reaching a certain level of Honor.

Required Honor Points

PrivilegeRequired HonorDescription
Vote Kata25Vote on how satisfied you were with a kata
Mark comment as spoiler50Mark another's comment as a spoiler
Estimate ranking of own beta kata75Estimate on what rank you think your beta kata should be
Assess Rank100Vote on what rank you think a beta kata should be
Create Kata300Contribute your own kata to the community
Unmark comment as spoiler500Unmark another's comment as being a spoiler
Vote 2x power1,000Your vote counts 2x towards getting a kata out of beta
Vote 3x power2,000Your vote counts 3x towards getting a kata out of beta
Vote 4x power3,000Your vote counts 4x towards getting a kata out of beta
Coauthor Kata / Approve Translation4,000Ability to edit other author's kata and approve translations
Resolve comment5,000Ability to resolve other's comments
Approve Kata6,000Ability to approve a beta kata and assign its rank
Edit locked test cases10,000Ability to edit test cases when they're locked

You can edit a kata created by others if:

  • You have contributed to the kata in the past (you do not need to have a coauthoring privilege in this case) OR
  • You have been granted coauthoring privilege and at least one of the following are true:
    • The kata is in beta and waiting for approval
    • The kata is in beta and the author have allowed contribution
    • The kata is approved and unresolved issue/suggestion created over a week ago exists