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Codewars Community

Codewars gathers users with many different skills and levels of experience. Their knowledge is an invaluable resource and they can make your training easier, and extremely effective.

Kata Discourse#

If you want to discuss some particular kata, you can use its discourse page to do so.

It's a good place to ask for explanations, search for help about your solution, add your opinion on it, or report problems. You can label your post with one of the following possible labels when appropriate:

  • Question - if the description is not clear, you need help, got stuck, or you cannot get your solution to work,
  • Suggestion - if you have an idea how the author could change the kata, its description, or tests, to make it better,
  • Issue - if you think the kata is broken, and the author needs to fix it in some way.

See this [detailed documentation (TODO: direct link to Labels reference? same link than the one at the end of the "Communication" part)] about the different kinds of labels and their use.

Discourse posts support Markdown formatting, so you can use some styling, or present your code neatly with code formatting blocks.

You should also mark your posts with the Spoiler flag if they contain some code (even not fully working one), or reveal some significant details of the solution.


Remember that your posts will be read by other people, and to be able to help you or answer your questions, they have to be able to understand you properly. Do all you can to express yourself clearly, describe your point with all necessary details, use appropriate labels and code formatting when needed.

There's a set of rules you should follow to keep interaction with other users a good experience for both sides. You can find them in (TODO: where? Code of Conduct, some discourse guidelines?).

Other Places#

Kata discourse is not the only place to meet other users. Community members can be also met at: