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Community Moderation

The Codewars community is moderated by admins and moderators. In short, admins are Qualified employees who develop Codewars, and moderators are a small team of users chosen by the admins to act as delegates.


Admins are Qualified employees responsible for Codewars itself.

Example responsibilities include:

  • Development and maintenance of the Codewars platform and services like Code Runner
  • Leading and managing the moderator team
  • Providing tools for the moderator team
  • Providing guidance and making final decisions when necessary
  • Handling account and billing issues
  • Handling any cases escalated by moderators



  • kazk (Kaz, Senior Software Developer at Qualified)


  • alchemy (Nathan, CEO of Qualified)
  • jhoffner (Jake, CTO of Qualified)
  • OverZealous (Phil, Senior Frontend Developer at Qualified)
  • ggorlen (Greg, Content Lead at Qualified)

They can be recognized by the symbol of a crown (

) displayed next to their username.


Moderators are a small team of active users selected by admins and are responsible for supervising users' activities. They have earned the trust of the admins from years of contributions and are given access to moderation tools and extra privileges.

Example responsibilities include:

  • Providing support
  • Moderating discussions
  • Managing submitted solutions (re-testing, flagging as cheats, etc.)
  • Identifying and punishing cheaters, plagiarists, and users who do not play the game fairly
  • Handling abusers and revoking their privileges
  • Accepting and rejecting changes to the documentation
  • Serving as intermediaries between users and admins

Moderators need to stick to the Codewars Code of Conduct, they can use the site as every other user, and they are obliged to play the game fair. When they misbehave, violate rules, or abuse their privileges, their moderator status may be revoked.


They can be recognized by the symbol of a shield (

) displayed next to their username.

How to get in touch

Many members of the moderation team can be reached on Discord. Message them directly or post on one of the public channels if you need their assistance.

Issues related to specific content (kata, translations, or solutions) that can be addressed only by moderators and admins can be reported on the content issues board. It's not completely organized yet, but new issues can be posted there and they will be dispatched appropriately.

All kinds of issues related to the Codewars platform are to be reported on GitHub using an appropriate issue template if available. There are already issues dedicated to handling spammers and cheaters.

Issues which should not be exposed publicly or should be brought directly to the attention of admins should be reported via email to For security issues, please read our security policy.