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Community Moderation Tools

Moderators are a group of users selected to support other users with handling problems related to content and the community. They have access to tools and features not available to regular users, which can be used to solve problems reported by community members. In particular, moderators can:

  • Handle problematic users, cheaters, and griefers:
    • Handle reports about dishonest users
    • Flag solutions as cheat
    • Revoke privileges related to authoring
    • Remove dubious votes on beta kata
  • Manually fix effects of some bugs:
    • Revalidate solutions which do not pass tests anymore but haven't been invalidated automatically
    • Force recalculation of broken satisfaction rating on beta kata
    • Force solutions affected by the grouping bug to appear on the kata solutions page
  • Ensure quality of content:
    • Unpublish unapprovable or severely broken beta kata
  • Hide solutions which can be considered spoilers from kata solutions page (for example a highly optimized solution to an easy version of a 7 kyu kata which can be used to solve 2 kyu, challenge version)
  • Approve changes to documentation
  • Manage Codewars repositories, boards, and chats: