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After Solving a Kata

Finally, this great moment happened: the test output panel is all green, and you were able to submit your solution. Congratulations! It's time to collect your reward. It's also a good time to share some feedback, to guide others who'd encounter the same kata.


You worked hard to solve your last challenge, and after you succeeded, you definitely deserve a reward. Each solved tasks rewards you in two ways: progressing your rank, and granting some amount of Honor points. The more difficult kata you solve, the bigger the reward.


The rank level reflects your experience and knowledge you have gained by solving kata. You start at the lowest rank of 8 kyū, and each correct solution brings you closer to a higher rank. You can see your rank progress toward the next level on your profile page:

Rank Progress Rank Progress

More information on ranks and progress can be found here.


Honor points are rewarded by contributing to Codewars in many ways, and solving a kata is one of them. By earning Honor points, you gain additional privileges and climb leaderboards.


After you have successfully solved a task, you can let others know how you liked it. One way to do this is to leave your satisfaction vote:

Satisfaction Vote Satisfaction Vote

You can also participate in the discussion on a kata. If you wish to log an issue about this specific kata, such as poorly worded descriptions or issues with test cases, then you can leave a comment in the discourse section. More on this in the next part.