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Training Routines

TBD: this page was imported from old CW wiki and needs to be reviewied/redacted.

When being offered a random kata to train on while viewing the dashboard, and when progressing from one kata to the next, you can configure a training routine which will determine the type of challenge you will work on next.

Training routes are not fixed. As you cycle through challenges, a new one will be randomly selected for you. Training routines simply allow you to hone in on which type of challenge will be randomly selected for you.

To set your routine, visit the dashboard.


In the above screenshot, "Rank Up" is the selected training routine. "JavaScript" is the selected language. You will always have one active language and one active training routine at a given time. The only way to update your training routine is to visit the dashboard.

Training Routine Types#

Rank Up#

This is the default training routine assigned to warriors who have some previous experience programming. The goal with this routine is to ramp you up on kata, getting more and more difficult as you complete each challenge.


This is the default training routine assigned to warriors who are new to programming. The goal with this routine is to continue to practice on the kata that focuses on language and programming fundamentals. Not every kata selected may be easy enough for you to complete, but it may be depending on where you are in your training development.

Sometimes kata can be miscategorized as being fundamental to programming when they are not. We are a crowdsourced platform so that these things will happen. If you choose to, you can leave a comment, and a moderator or the kata author will eventually address the issue.

Practice and Repeat#

The original idea of a code kata is that it is something you practice over and over, each time honing your craft for handling that type of problem in the most efficient way. This routine focuses on reintroducing you to kata you have already created, allowing you to do just that.


Want to help us vet through new challenges that other warriors have created? This training routine will cycle you through different beta kata that are still looking for help getting out of the beta process.


All of the training routines give you a random kata, this routine is as random as it gets.

Training by Practice and Repeatition#

On the Codewars dashboard you will always find a kata that you can train with. These kata are chosen at random based on a training routine. If you select "Practice and Repeat" routine then you will only be given kata you have already trained on. This is an excellent way to hone your skills. Repeatedly completing the same kata will allow you to discover and master efficient ways of handling common programming tasks.

You can learn more about training routines here.

On Codewars the idea of repetition is encouraged at your own pace. You will not be pressured to repeat kata you have already completed. If you struggle on a kata it is recommended that you save it to a collection and revisit the kata later. Even doing a kata just once will often give you some of the value that would normally only come from repetition. This is because after you complete a kata, and your solution is fresh within your mind, you are shown the solutions of other warriors. This can often lead to an epiphany that you otherwise would have to have found on your own over time.